Leave of smoking with hypnosis


HESA method is effective for quitting smoking, tobacco, hashish.
Tobacco and hashish are finished with HESA method

It began to be used in Spain in 1991 and until today has proven to be the most effective of the known methods.
Significantly different from the usual methods known today. Natural treatment.

You just need a session.

Tel. 622 699 299 - Tel. 617-768-287

We cause a behavioral change in the smoker and a rejection of the tobacco action.

We have consultations in the communities of: Navarra Alava Guipuzcoa Aragon

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Lose weight with hypnosis


It is the most effective treatment, slimming, we use a type of hypnosis different from where you can know, we associate subliminal techniques that have a very powerful effect.

Lose weight with hypnosis in Navarra Aragon Álava and Guipúzcoa.

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On the basis of the proven certainty, that the mind us sick and mind heals us. This treatment helps to trigger a mental change of self-healing
Any person who for emotional reasons or psychosomatic factors unloading their frustrations in a way destructive car, will have different behaviors, from a compulsive way of eating to anorexia or bulimia.

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Stop drinking alcohol


What should I do to stop drinking alcohol?

First of all, accept that it is a disease and recognize that you need help to heal.

Alcoholism is one of the most dramatic diseases affecting millions of people.
No doubt there are psychiatric treatments effective, although in many cases where e alcoholism has its origins in a conflict existence, loneliness, lack of love, low self-esteem, loss, depression, insecurity etc. Hypnosis arises as one option rather than advantageous, for its lack of side effects.

Our method is compatible with any other therapy the patient is following with your family doctor.

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