It is the most effective treatment, slimming, we use a type of hypnosis different from where you can know, we associate subliminal techniques that have a very powerful effect.

Lose weight with hypnosis in Navarra Aragon Álava and Guipúzcoa.

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On the basis of the proven certainty, that the mind us sick and mind heals us. This treatment helps to trigger a mental change of self-healing
Any person who for emotional reasons or psychosomatic factors unloading their frustrations in a way destructive car, will have different behaviors, from a compulsive way of eating to anorexia or bulimia.


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Except the case in that the obesity is genetic, morbid or endocrine, no doubt is is of obesity acquired by bad habits or by factors psychosomatic that can generate anxiety, tension, nervousness.

When a person acquires a bad habit, as for example eat while sees television, that behavior with the time is makes automatic and the problem is, that while is sees television or is listen to music, without give us has entered in a State of concentration that us makes lose the notion of what eat.

That State that causes the television, the music or as eat while chat in the computer, or in the work, or the meal in house to any time, ends creating by repeating a suggestion hypnotic, that is reinforces in our mind unconscious.

We don't promise miracles...
This is very important...

Frequently asked questions
Can I lose weight with just one session of HESA method?
Yes. This treatment is ideal for people who over the years have gained weight up to a maximum of 20 kilos. After the session will continue to the guidelines indicated and will make sessions of hypnosis in your House with a CD that you will prepare for the maintenance.
I want to lose 25 pounds. What I can do in a session?

No. In the on you want to lose more than 20 pounds should be three sessions by dividing them by objective. Example:

1st session target losing 8.5 kg.

2nd session target losing 8.5 kg (30 to 45 days)

3 cycle to lose 8 kg (30 to 45 days)

So would get lose them 25 kilograms (among them 60 and 90 days)

Lose weight with hypnosis

How is the treatment for weight loss with hypnosis?

You must make a session hypnosis method HESA in consultation and then the guidelines will be given to follow.

We will give you a CD with a hypnosis of maintenance that must be every day at the same time, tomorrow or later to obtain the desired or target weight.

The diet that accompanies the treatment is very effective, however if you have a diet recommended by your doctor or nutritionist follow that diet, it could be more suited to his person.

Them more important is do the session of hypnosis always, although you may seem boring, by that the hypnosis works by repetition of them suggestions and them effects subliminal that contains the CD

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