Stop drinking alcohol


What should I do to stop drinking alcohol?

First of all, accept that it is a disease and recognize that you need help to heal.

Alcoholism is one of the most dramatic diseases affecting millions of people.
No doubt there are psychiatric treatments effective, although in many cases where e alcoholism has its origins in a conflict existence, loneliness, lack of love, low self-esteem, loss, depression, insecurity etc. Hypnosis arises as one option rather than advantageous, for its lack of side effects.

Our method is compatible with any other therapy the patient is following with your family doctor.

Those treatments psychiatric not made any intervention of psychotherapy or similar, only is used drugs.
In our case, we use change patterns and sessions of hypnosis which will enable us to find the psychological origin of the addiction and so plan a form of action, directed to rekindle emotions and feelings linked to alcohol consumption.

The customer must attend an initial consultation where appropriate evaluates and directs you to the following quote, time that that started using hypnosis and other variants of intervention.

Sessions vary depending on the case, although the average of six to ten sessions and in some cases could be more.

The cessation of is gradual or dramatic depending on the case.

The patient should come to the consultation without having tasted alcohol 24 hours before, otherwise is not the session.

This treatment requires some six to ten sessions therefore only serve in Navarra


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