Effectiveness of the HESA method

The speed, effectiveness and absence of side effects. Make that method HESA to leave of smoking, is position as the method more secure, economic and serious of the moment.

Thousands of people have stopped smoking with HESA method you can be the next... Trust in us.

Efectividad de Método HESA

Effectiveness of the method HESA anti-tobacco

The results obtained during years of study, of the treated cases. Show an effectiveness very superior to other treatments. Since 1991 begins to use the method in Spain, being the region of Navarre, who benefited first from the benefits of the treatment. The recommendation of some to others, did that in very little time, method HESA is developed in the treatment anti-smoking of reference. Such patients because of other communities they were moved to Pamplona - Iruña, to be attended. The graph reflects, on the basis of 100, "observed patients" all between the years 1991 to 1994